Integration: Key Challenges

in-ti-greytverb (used with object), to bring together or incorporate (parts) into a whole. To make up, combine, or complete to produce a whole or a larger unit, as parts do.

Integration is the act of bringing together disparate components, systems or subsystems into a single, larger, more comprehensive system that functions as one, so that the data contained in each can be easily, securely and seamlessly shared as required.

The greater the number of systems that are involved, the more difficult it is to achieve seamless integration, especially when the existing systems are produced by multiple, diverse, and usually best in class manufacturers. Often integration challenges have to do with multiple different proprietary applications and support systems, the age of the existing systems and the lack of a common data structure that allows traffic to flow between these disparate systems.

These challenges can affect a company’s overall process efficiency and decision making because poor data exchange between systems can prevent timely communication amongst key business operating units. This often leads companies to develop customized, interoperable IT infrastructure or, a system of systems, to combine new and/or existing hardware, application software and other communications platforms to enable critical data to flow freely between subsystems.

Companies are engaging external contractors to manage some or all phases of the development and integration of their new systems, however there is a vast disparity among contractors in skill set, experience, client specific HSSE orientation and contractor accountability depending on the demarcation points of each of the disparate applications and subsystems.

For a successful project, activities and skills required of a Systems Integrator should include professional project management, engineering design and documentation, project planning, HSSE management, and demonstrable experience in supporting application interfaces and scalable network interoperability solutions that enable critical data flow and information delivery.

For 40 years, Westcan ACS has developed these integration services in support of our clients over our “Six Pillars” of wireless network technologies and Vendor Partners. Please contact us for more information.

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