HSSE SAFETY BULLETIN: Vehicles in the Warehouse

Vehicles in the Warehouse

All workers have the right to a safe workplace, and the right to know what hazards may be present in the work environment. The Westcan ACS Warehouse is utilized by vehicles, foot traffic, product and other equipment. To keep both personal and equipment safe, it is important to have safety procedures and policies to do so.

Entering and Exiting

When using or bringing a vehicle indoors, it is essential to honk before entering or exiting the building. Foot traffic and other equipment may be present in the area and must be alerted of your presences. Honking allows anyone in the area to be warned immediately and adjust paths of travel accordingly.

As a driver, we ask you to scan the area as you enter and make eye contact with anyone who may be in your path of travel.  Any foot traffic is also requested to examine the area when alerted by a horn, to ensure that they are not within the vicinity of the travelling vehicle. We need both party’s working together to provide a safe and effective warehouse.


Always remember that the warehouse is a shared area for both equipment and personnel. As such it is crucial to proceed very slowly. Having a heavy foot, not only endangers yourself but the personal, and equipment inside.

Your horn is a useful tool, and when used correctly can assist in keeping everyone safe when in the warehouse.


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