Alberta One-Call

Click before you dig, is a catchy slogan we have all heard at one point or another. But what does it really mean?

Contact with a buried line can result in a loss of essential services, significant injury, or fatality. All financial costs associated with repairing any damage caused to a buried utility are the responsibility of the excavator. Alberta One-Call’s primary concern is safety and the prevention of damage to underground utilities.

Steps to Follow:

Step 1: Submit your locate request online or by phone.

Step 2: Wait for the locate to be completed.

Step 3: Identify any customer-owned utility lines.

Step 4: Dig with care.

Digging responsibly means:

  • Request, in advance, that the operators of buried utilities identify and mark the locations of utilities that could be in conflict with your ground disturbance.
  • Pre-mark your dig site with white paint.
  • Meet with locators to explain the scope and extent of your ground disturbance.
  • Wait until all utilities have been marked before you dig.
  • Ensure operators of excavation equipment have copies of, and understand, the locate documentation.
  • Support and protect exposed utilities to the satisfaction of the utility operator.
  • Report any damage (caused or found).
  • Respect the locate marks. Hand expose buried utilities in conflict with a ground disturbance before using mechanical excavation equipment within the hand expose zone.
  • Backfill exposed utilities with care.

Planning Ahead:  Alberta One-Call requires A minimum of two full working days’ notice is required in order for facility owners to respond to your request. Locate completion times can vary.

How Long are they Valid? Alberta One-Call’s are valid for 14 days after the markings have been placed.

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