Excessive speeding not only reduces your gas efficiency, it places you and those around you in risk of an accident potentially leading to permanent damage or death.

A new survey commissioned by the AMA Foundation for Traffic Safety reveals a concerning double standard when it comes to speeding, with many drivers not adhering to the very laws they claim to support.

  • 82% of Albertans say speeding is “never acceptable” on residential roads, which means 18% say it is acceptable even as 52% admit to doing it.
  • 18% of Albertans say speeding is never acceptable on highways, which means 82% say it is acceptable but 91% admit to doing it.
  • 95% of Albertans say speeding is never acceptable in a school zone, which means 5% say it is acceptable while 29% admit to doing it

Every speeding ticket should be treated as a Near Miss, we avoided a real potential loss for injury, damage, or death. We should use them as a learning opportunity. We were caught speeding over the limit, how can we change our behavior? The answer is not to avoid the areas where the tickets occurre, but to change the behavior of speeding in general.

Speeding occurs in 33% of all Fatal Crashes and the 3rd leading contributor to traffic crashes. The 1st being Distracted Driving and 2nd Driving impaired.

Source: https://www.ccohs.ca/oshanswers/prevention/ppe/high_visibility.html


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