Planning: Essential to Success

The success of a radio system deployment, like many other operational systems, depends on good planning.

From the initial needs analysis, to the creation of a detailed bill of materials, to design and logistics including the in-building location of the radio system’s core infrastructure components, to definition of communications groups and users, and finally the orientation and training for both system administrators and end users, effective planning is crucial to ensure a successful launch of any radio system throughout all stages of design, construction, and deployment.

Sitting down with a radio communications professional to discuss the specific, detailed needs of your organization will lead to a clearly defined strategy that will ensure all of the customer’s needs are met. A site survey is a vital part of the planning process, to ensure that any mitigating factors that could influence the design, equipment, or deployment of the system will be identified and addressed. An experienced radio communications professional will be able to recognize any environmental factors such as system location, proximity issues, access, electrical supply and backup, antenna location as well as uncovering any impediments to a positive radio deployment during a site survey.

Following the site survey a radio professional will be able to articulate how the radio system is to be used and supported, and provide a detailed list – or “Bill of Materials” – of the items required to build your radio system, including specifics on the labour requirements for preparing the site, configuring your system, and fleet mapping requirements for all of the handheld and mobile radios for your staff.

We’ve found that effective pre-project planning is a key factor in eliminating unnecessary or unexpected downstream costs, and provides a valuable framework for project planning and budgeting. It’s never too early to develop an effective strategy: before an organization even goes to RFP they should sit down with a radio professional to discuss their needs in some detail.

If you have questions or concerns with a communications project, or would like more information regarding the effective use of planning in complex communications projects, feel free to contact me through the form below. I’d be happy to discuss your strategy or immediate needs going forward.

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