When is a Satellite Phone More Than Just a Satellite Phone?

Satellite communications have been available for companies and individuals for years. They have been seen as a remote communications tool and – while this is correct – there are many different applications and tools that make this type of communication very valuable.

Satellite communications have helped solve many communications problems throughout the world. The following link shows a sample of industries that have utilized Globalstar Satellite Communications to solve some of their needs:


  • Globalstar is a premier provider of Satellite services throughout North America.
  • Globalstar has created pricing plans that are very affordable and can meet every need.
  • Globalstar uses CDMA technology which makes Globalstar calls exceptionally secure and clear.
  • Globalstar’s use of Low-Earth Orbiting Satellites helps decrease voice delay compared to all other companies using geosynchronous satellites.

For more information on Globalstar’s industry leading products and specific applications, feel free to use the form below to contact me directly to discuss your communication needs:

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