In & Out of Your Vehicle Constantly? Consider Motorola’s Remote Speaker Microphone

If you depend on your high-powered mobile radio for communications on remote job sites yet often find yourself working outside of your vehicle, then Motorola’s long-range Wireless Bluetooth Remote Speaker Microphone is a perfect solution to maintain mission-critical communication at all times.

The Wireless Remote Speaker Microphone (RSM) allows workers who must constantly leave their vehicles to stay connected to their mobile radios. This allows for instant communications without needing to return to their vehicles, facilitating safe and more efficient completion of their jobs.

The RSM is a plug-and-play solution that takes only seconds to set up, as it uses touch pairing to the Bluetooth-enabled mobile microphone of the radio. Once paired, the RSM works up to 100 metres away in direct line-of-sight conditions.

There are nearly limitless uses for the Wireless RSM, including courier services that need to stay connected to a dispatch centre while completing deliveries, firefighters who need to stay connected while operating a pump truck or when out of a firetruck on site, and utility workers who need to stay in touch when operating equipment outside of a vehicle.

The complete solution from Motorola includes the Wireless RSM with a Li-Ion battery, the Mobile Microphone with Bluetooth Gateway, and the Vehicular Charger. If your work could be made more efficient through more effective communication strategies, the RSM could be an ideal solution for you. Contact me using the form below, and we can discuss  your needs and come up with a communication strategy perfectly suited to your needs!

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