Top 3 Applications for Communication on the Slopes

From the largest winter resorts to the most remote back country trails, you’ll often find little-to-no cell phone coverage for your mobile devices when participating in winter alpine sports. Two-way radios provide an excellent communications option for those entrusted with the safety and smooth operation of the remote winter playgrounds we as Canadians so often enjoy.

When looking for the right two-way radio to be used for skiing or snowboarding, it is important to consider the following:

  1. Battery Life – Having your radio charged at all times when on the slopes is critical. Make sure your radio has a Lithium battery, as the charge lasts longer than other options in this application. Carrying a spare battery with you is also a smart idea. You never know if or when you might require communications, or how long your communications needs might last. Digital vs conventional radios (and any activated functionalities) also play a huge factor in battery life. Be prepared.
  2. Waterproof/Water Resistance – Durability is important. You want to ensure your radio can deal with the environment and circumstances in which it is intended to be used. There are radios that have a high IP rating, which is very important when selecting a radio for the slopes. Dropping a radio in the snow is bound to occur. Make sure your radio has an IP rating of 54 or higher so that when it is dropped, it will continue to function.
  3. VHF/UHF – Outdoor adventures like skiing, are best suited to use VHF. It tends to provide more range than UHF, and would be ideal for outdoor communications on the slopes.

Whether you are looking to buy or rent your radio for you next outdoor adventure, consider these 3 main points and feel free to contact me through the form below with any questions or for a recommendation suited to your specific requirements.

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