3 Key Capabilities: Why Westcan was Named the AFRRCS Official Preventative Maintenance + Break-Fix Supplier

The highly sought-after AFRRCS maintenance contract was awarded to Westcan ACS in May of 2016. The award was the result of an exhaustive public tendering process in which numerous factors were considered including: demonstrated ability to perform, capabilities, price, and qualifications – among many others.
In addition to demonstrating superior value, Westcan ACS elevated itself above it’s competitors by being able to show strength in three key areas:

  1. Technical Depth
: Westcan has two accredited AFRRCS Technical Administrators on staff in our Engineering & Technical Service team. These individuals are supported by a team of engineers and engineering technologists with decades of experience in designing, deploying, and supporting mission critical systems throughout Alberta. Westcan is also a HARRIS ASC-Authorized Service Centre capable of servicing and supporting the HARRIS-based AFRRCS Provincial Network. Westcan is accredited as a Motorola Elite Service Partner and Platinum Channel Partner in Alberta. Westcan is also CSC/ETA certified as an electronics services provider. Lastly, we are proud to sit on the NAIT Telecommunications Advisory Board and are actively involved in the Alberta Apprenticeship Program.
  2. Experience: 
Though P25 is relatively new to Canada, Westcan has staff members who have been factory trained on both HARRIS P25 and Motorola P25. Our team was responsible for the build out of all the AFRRCS field shelters, totalling over 350 units, which included installation of all the RF and related equipment over the past 4 years. In addition, we have service contracts on P25 systems for major industrial clients in Alberta including SHELL Albian and DOW Chemical. Our service team is highly experienced and we are currently in the process of adding to our teams’ skills with additional factory training though HARRIS and Motorola, as we maintain the highest training standards in the industry.
  3. Additional Capabilities: 
Servicing a province-wide communications infrastructure requires field level presence. We have service outlets in Fort McMurray, Bonnyville, Edmonton, Calgary and are soon seeking to be in Grande Prairie. Our automated client response ticketing system enables our team to track response progress, communicate with our clients continually and ensure that all stakeholders who “need to know” are kept informed. Lastly, in conjunction with our affiliated firm, ALLCAN Distributors, we maintain an extensive inventory of parts and equipment to help service our downstream clients and support our role as a warranty and service depot for many key manufacturers including HARRIS, Motorola, G-Wave, Cobham/Axel, 4RF, FreeWave, VERTEX and many others.

These same reasons that the GOA chose Westcan to be their AFRRCS network service team are great reasons to consider Westcan as your AFRRCS service provider. If you have any questions regarding AFRRCS service, the various AFRRCS administrative or service roles, or the equipment involved you can contact me directly through the form below. I look forward to hearing from you.

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