Do you Need Emergency Response + Repair Services? 10 Questions to Consider

There are a variety of users that require 24/7/365 Emergency Response & Repair Services (ERRS) in many “Mission Critical” contexts. Our clients include the Government of Alberta AFRRCS system, upon which first responders across Alberta rely. However, our ERRS service is also available to commercial and industrial clients who require high levels of radio system up-time because of safety, productivity and/or environmental or other operating challenges.

Our ERRS offerings incorporate the following elements:

  • Service Level Definition; Scope of responsibility, level of response, resource definition, speed of response, & KPI’s.
  • Monitoring; Performance monitoring, notification procedures, response communication protocols and related responsibilities.
  • Spares/Hardware; Scope of spares, location of spares and readiness of spares.
  • Communications; communications matrix, issue escalation, technician response notifications, process/protocol mapping, close-out.
  • Review and performance assessment.

Programs are custom designed to address client-specific needs related to the above elements. These solutions are only available on a priority basis to clients who have entered into a supply contract with Westcan ACS. This helps ensure that our team is aware of the client needs, equipment, and expectations so that we can deliver an appropriate response when required.

Do you feel you may need to explore Westcan’s Emergency Response & Repair Services? You may if you answer yes to two or more of the following 10 questions;

  1. The radio system supports safety communications related to collision avoidance, work-alone or man-down features.
  2. Downtime costs exceed $2500 per hour
  3. Operations require radio communications for safety purposes.
  4. Radios are the main means of communications on site.
  5. Standard cellular service is not available or not remitted on site.
  6. 2 or more non-scheduled downtime events have been experienced over the past year
  7. The radio system is not working as well as it once did
  8. I have no radio system operating data and metrics
  9. No reliable ERRS provider, inadequate emergency repair response
  10. My system is more than 3 years old

If your responses to the 10 questions have led you to believe you may require Westcan’s ERRS offering, we’d be happy to discuss your specific requirements. You can contact me directly through the form below, and we can begin the process of evaluating your needs and formulating an efficient, effective go-forward plan. I look forward to hearing from you.

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