Radio Health: Have You Had Your Annual Check-Up?

Two-way radio systems are just like people when it comes to health management. Seeing your doctor yearly for a check-up is a key part of staying healthy and the same goes for your radio system.

Modern two-way radio systems are complex configurations of infrastructure hardware, operating systems, subscriber gear, and mapping protocols/programming. With time and use many factors can interact to reduce the functionality and quality of a radio system, which can reduce the overall effectiveness of the system. When this happens, people can be put at risk, operations can become less efficient, and costs can rise.

At Westcan, we offer three “check-up” services that have been developed specifically to help you manage the health of your radio system to ensure maximum effectiveness and ROI:

  1. System Audit Lite; Our field based analysis of system functionality which identifies problems/potential issues requiring address, outlines necessary action/costs and provides both short and long term plans of action for optimizing system performance.
  2. Radio Tune-Up; This subscriber unit procedure is used to assess the state of radio “fine tuning” that is essential for optimal performance, especially on text/data intensive applications such as GPS based man-down, etc.
  3. Coverage Analysis; We measure the levels of radio coverage based on a specific mapping plan and client needs to help identify/address gaps resulting from changes in system infrastructure/subscriber gear, site topography because of new structures, tree growth, interference from other sites, etc.

In addition we provide managed service packages that include many value-added services including;

  • Industry Canada Licensing process management
  • scheduled preventative maintenance
  • system monitoring and response services
  • system performance analytics
  • asset tracking and related analytics
  • system migration and upgrading planning, engineering and implementation/project management

Need more from your radio system? Call us, or use the contact form below to learn more or to arrange a “check-up”, because a healthy radio system keeps your team safe, productive and profitable.

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