Why Sign Maintenance Contracts? 8 Key Advantages

Save time and money with a Maintenance Agreement for all of your communications equipment.

The key benefits of a contracted maintenance agreement are:

  1. Reduce the chance of crippling breakdowns: 
It’s happened to you before: Your communications equipment has broken down at a critical time. Not only is it inconvenient but it can mean lost business, productivity, and increased risk. Many job sites are obligated to shut down for safety concerns if two-way radio communications are not available. If the need for two-way radio communications is great enough to have purchased a system in the first place, why not insure its functionality with a full-service contract?
  2. Prolonged equipment life: 
Studies prove that equipment that undergoes regularly scheduled maintenance will outperform and outlast equipment that is serviced only when it fails, saving you money in the long run.
  3. Top of queue service response: In the event of a breakdown, as a contracted Maintenance Agreement customer, you receive priority service response rather than being placed in the queue for the next available, best-efforts service scheduling.
  4. Your service needs become top priority: 
If you do experience a system breakdown, your issue becomes top priority. You can rest assured that the technicians who are most familiar with your system and equipment will be on the job quickly — and stay until the job is done. Experienced Maintenance Service Providers will stock the most commonly needed parts for the specific equipment listed on your contract.
  5. Predetermined annual maintenance costs: 
Annual maintenance contracts stabilize your costs and eliminate surprises.
  6. Preventative maintenance becomes mutually convenient: 
Your provider will inspect your equipment at a time that least disrupts your operation. Schedules will be set so that the technicians most familiar with your equipment are available.
  7. Increased efficiency, reduced downtime:  
Regular, scheduled maintenance keeps your equipment in top operating condition and reduces downtime.
  8. Your equipment is tuned regularly: Many things can change throughout the life of your communications systems and links. Buildings are built, trees grow and weather affects positioning of equipment. Many other influencers can affect the tuning of your equipment. Regular testing and maintenance of your equipment ensures that you’re receiving maximum performance of the systems you invested so heavily in.

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