AFRRCS Service: Triple Technician Redundancy, Triple Peace of Mind


The real value of a great service provider is hard to measure, until there is an urgent need for service or the need for catastrophe response. The largest single risk to any communications network is interruption, especially if the communications are mission critical in nature.

Most people do not consider the complexity and cost of ensuring that redundancy and emergency event capabilities are engineered into modern wireless systems, something that Westcan – as the official AFRRCS Preventative Maintenance + Break-Fix Service Provider – takes great pride in.

Westcan takes its responsibility of keeping its clients’ wireless networks working seriously; it can be a matter of life or death. In addition to the basics – great people, training and systems – Westcan has also instituted Triple Redundancy into our service response structures and process.

Each Client Response Team is typically staffed with three technical staff

  1. First, a suitably trained and experienced Lead Technician is assigned to every client contract assignment.
  2. Second, the Lead Technician is also supported by a designated back-up technician who is trained to an equivalent level.
  3. Third, a suitably trained technician is assigned to the response team to act as an alternate resource to provide support in the event that one of the two lead technicians is not available due to vacation, illness, etc.

By employing this Triple Redundancy model Westcan ensures that we have suitably qualified technicians available for response/consult at all times.

AFFRCS Service

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