Westcan ACS Awarded Harris Authorized Service Centre Status


Westcan ACS has undergone extensive and rigorous training to achieve the status of Harris Authorized Service Centre. Westcan’s Technical Services Department leads the industry in advanced training, as evidenced by the certifications and designations earned from our suppliers. From Motorola’s Elite Service Centre designation, to our Certified Service Centre status from the CSC Certification Board, to the Harris Authorized Service Centre designation, coupled with our various Safety Certifications and Ratings, Westcan ACS is at the pinnacle of the most elite technical service providers.

With the technical roll out of the Harris-built Alberta First Responders Radio Communications System (AFRRCS) already underway, the need for qualified technical professionals with advanced knowledge of Harris technology is becoming essential for any communications integrator involved in the public safety and government markets in Alberta.

To earn the status of Harris Authorized Service Centre, Westcan has completed the following qualifications:

  1. Technicians must have completed Electronic Technical training through a certificate/diploma/degree program
  2.  Technicians must complete Harris certified training courses
  3. Technicians are interviewed to determine technical knowledge and experience
  4. Technical workshop area is inspected to verify the following;
    a. Cleanliness
    b. Work bench grounding
    c. Grounding practices (ESD) while working on equipment
    d. List of Test Equipment in use
    e. Test Equipment Calibration Program
    f. Service Process for equipment incoming/outgoing/waiting parts (Ticketing System)
    g. Client requests for service/parts/complaints (Customer Service Program)
    h. Types of Service vehicles

Having received our Harris Authorized Service Centre designation, Westcan ACS is able to extend the following benefits to our customers:

  1. Access to all Harris product lines
  2. Harris Customer Care Center (CCC)
    a. Efficient order processing
    b. Order status updates
    c. Pricing Quotes
    d. Product inquires
    e. Shipping information
    f. Billing status
  3. Harris Technical Assistance Centre (TAC)
    a. Provides Product Specialist
    b. Provides System Engineering support
    c. Tiered Technical Support levels
    d. Teck-Link
    e. Technical Service Memos
    f. Feature Encryption upgrades
    g. Software upgrades
    h. Firmware upgrades
    i. Programming updates
  4. Harris Warranty Repair Service Centre (Warranty Administration)
    a. Assistance in filing warranty claims online (Service Bench)
    b. Updating product registrations
    c. Access to Technical Service manuals
    d. Access to available spare par

Westcan’s dedication to support Harris technology through advanced training and elite technical service offerings has placed us on the cutting edge of mission critical systems implementation and integration. Contact your Westcan sales and technical services representatives to answer all your Harris or AFRRCS related needs.

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