Westcan ACS Awarded Shell Green Band Safety Rating

Shell Upstream Americas has awarded Westcan Advanced Communications Solutions with the Shell Stoplight Band of Green, enabling the capability of managing a Mode 1 Contract, and have been approved to hire and manage subcontractors while performing work for Shell. The Stoplight Band is determined by the strength of the HSSE Management System (as determined by the review), HSSE performance as reported in ISN and safety program results (RAVS) also reflected in ISN.

Being designated GREEN BANDED by Shell identifies us as a top-tier vendor on the Shell safety scale and affords us the privilege of working on – and being able to be a prime on – Shell sites.

Shell is acknowledged as having the most stringent safety standards in the Oil & Gas industry. Being GREEN BANDED acknowledges our deep corporate commitment to safety: encompassing policy, programs, training/education, procedures, documentation, field performance, and COR audits. Most of all, it says that we place the safety of our staff, our stakeholders and our communities front and centre of our business.

This success is the result of each and every member of our team accepting safety as a way of life – at work and at home – making sure that we all get home safely each and every day.

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