3 Keys to Remote Site Connectivity

Remote connectivity is becoming increasingly important for organizations to maintain efficient, effective operations. Reliable connections – particularly to remote or temporary locations – present a unique set of challenges to modern integrators seeking to find an alternative that has comparable strength and speed to leased lines on fibre, but less costly or logistically intensive. There are 3 keys to ensure the success of a remote site connectivity project:

1) ACCURATE NEEDS ASSESSMENT: The increase in the amount and type of data that modern organizations rely on for their daily operations – from automated data collection, to security monitoring and video, to live internet – can often be an afterthought when it comes to remote connectivity. Many organizations fail to account for the breadth and depth of their needs resulting in insufficient network capability. Experienced, capable experts can contribute to your success.

2) A CAPABLE INTEGRATOR: A capable integrator can ensure that a proper needs analysis is conducted to ensure that both speed and bandwidth targets are accurately evaluated and met. A network must be designed to be robust enough to manage critical operations and maintain the highest available operational thresholds . A capable integrator will have:

  • A Project Management Team: to deal with scheduling, logistics, and acceptance criteria. They’ll ensure you’re getting what you want, what you need, and ensure safety and and security concerns are fully addressed.
  • Engineering Services: An Integrator with in-house engineering generally means that there is already a working relationship, and a familiarity with technology, infrastructure, processes, and fulfillment, making for a more streamlined process.
  • A Technical Services Department: A capable, team of highly trained techs are essential to ensure everything is working they way it should upon delivery, and are available 24/7/365 if circumstances require them.
  • Monitoring and Maintenance: A Network Operations Centre (NOC) can remotely monitor your network and identify potential issues before they become a problem, and ensure you’re getting the most out of your investment. With a remote professional monitoring and management service operating 24/7/365, downtime can be minimized.

3) ACCESS TO MULTIPLE PRODUCT LINES: When undertaking any major project, ensure that you partner with an integrator that has access to a diverse and robust product selection. Ensure you’re getting the best products to suit your needs – not just the best products that one particular integrator has available to them. Ideal solutions require ideal equipment, and having a trusted partner with access to cutting edge technology can result in a more efficient, effective solution.

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