Why Digital?

Licensed, professional two way radio is on the verge of making the biggest leap forward since the invention of the transistor: the evolution from analog to digital. Digital radio offers many advantages over analog, including improved voice quality at greater range, improved battery life in portable devices, better privacy, sophisticated call-control features, the ability to easily integrate with data systems, and more. We’re now seeing the migration to digital radio in professional applications and systems. Some of the key features of digital radio include:

  • Makes more effective use of your licensed RF spectrum
  • More efficient power consumption to enhance battery life in portable devices.
  • Combination of voice and data in the same device.
  • Combination of analog and digital voice in the same device (and the ability to switch between them when needed).
  • Provides strong privacy solutions without significant loss in voice quality that analog scrambling can cause.
  • Forward compatibility enables digital to adapt more readily to evolving requirements.
  • The constant development of new applications results in the ability to continuously upgrade the functionality of your two way radio system.

The clear advantages of digital radio — along with increasing pressures from Industry Canada to use RF spectrum more efficiently — will drive widespread adoption of professional two way digital radio solutions in the coming years. Many manufacturers are in the process of discontinuing analog two way radio products in favour of reworked digital models: a savvy consumer can often find manufacturer-driven trade-in and rebate incentives to upgrade to the newer technology. Now is the time to research the available technologies so that when you’re ready to make the move you’ll choose systems that provide the greatest benefit over the long term.

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