5 Keys to Selecting a Capable Integrator

When undertaking any sort of major communications project selecting a CAPABLE INTEGRATOR is vital to success. A capable integrator can conduct a proper needs analysis to ensure that coverage, speed and bandwidth targets are accurately evaluated and met. A communications network must be designed to be robust enough to manage critical operations and maintain the highest available operational thresholds. They can also identify specific issues or opportunities for improvement, effectively eliminating problems before they arise. A capable integrator can also assess both backward and forward compatibility, ensuring your network will function with existing resources while allowing room to grow and evolve. There are 5 keys to selecting a capable integrator:

1) Project Management: A competent team to deal with scheduling, logistics, safety and acceptance criteria. They’ll ensure you’re getting what you want, what you need, and ensure safety and and security concerns are fully addressed.

2) Engineering Services: An Integrator with in-house engineering generally means that there is already a working relationship, and a familiarity with technology, infrastructure, processes, and fulfillment, making for a more streamlined process.

3) Multiple Product Offerings: A capable integrator will draw from a diverse line of brands and products to tailor a specific solution to your requirements, rather than push a sponsored brand.

4) A Technical Services Department: A capable, team of highly trained techs are essential to ensure everything is working they way it should upon delivery, and are available 24/7/365 if circumstances require them.

5) Monitoring and Maintenance: A Network Operations Centre (NOC) can remotely monitor your network and identify potential issues before they become a problem, and ensure you’re getting the most out of your investment. With a remote professional monitoring and management service operating 24/7/365, downtime can be minimized.

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